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Your Content Integrated Into A Professional, Branded Page

Swft Connect is a digital business card to share social accounts, book meetings, and elevate your brand. Build strong business relationships, without the back-and-forth.

The ultimate digital business card for in-person networking

Show off your profile and exchange contact details with people you meet in seconds.

Effortlessly share using NFC cards or digitally with Apple Wallet® and Google Wallet™.

No waste, no apps, unlimited taps!

Supercharge visitor-to-lead conversion on LinkedIn

Add Swft profile link in your bio, send in DMs, and incorporate it into the posts you craft.

Enable visitors to effortlessly access your customised landing page, featuring videos, case studies, calendar booking systems and more.

Transform Your Email Signature into a Dynamic Digital Business Card

Swap multiple links in your signature for one powerful link: your Swft profile.

A single click gives recipients instant access to your dynamic, fully-branded profile, packed with everything they need.

Create your own stunning profile in minutes

Join the thousands already growing with Swft.

Effortless cohesion between sales and marketing

Customise and showcase your content to create a professional image that builds trust, converts prospects, and leads to more opportunities.

Unify branding and marketing

Ensure standardised brand identity for all profiles and centralise all your sales and marketing materials in one place.

Build trust and credibility

Embed case studies, testimonials, and reviews to autonomously build trust & credibility with visitors.

Supercharge sales cycles with improved lead generation

Without Swft: send prospects countless links to case studies, videos, and calendars. Inefficient and poor customer journey.

With Swft: present everything prospects need in one place for quick, informed decisions.

Boost conversions with powerful CTAs such as embedded calendars and lead generation forms.

Swft Business: For SMB & Enterprise

All-in-one solution for profile creation, management, and distribution.

Manage profiles

Streamline user management with central dashboard

Profile templates

Easily apply links, branding, and content in bulk

Track analytics

Gain insights into profile engagement and performance

CRM integrations

Push new connections and contact data to your CRM system


Our pricing

Simple pricing that grows with you.


Free Forever
  • For solopreneurs
  • Create and share profiles
  • Full profile customisation
  • Apple and Google wallets
  • Share on LinkedIn and in emails


From £4/user/month
  • For companies
  • Dashboard access for admins
  • Profile templates and analytics
  • Custom digital wallet passes
  • CRM integrations


  1. Create your profile: Quickly build your professional profile or set up profiles for your entire team, complete with branding and sales content.
  2. Share everywhere: Share your profile across all channels, from LinkedIn to email signatures. You can even buy NFC cards for a memorable touch or post on LinkedIn for instant leads.
  3. Grow with Swft: Visitors engage with your content and exchange contact details on your profile, helping you expand your professional network effortlessly.

Swft Connect and LinkedIn work together seamlessly to elevate your professional presence, unify branding across the company and boost sales efforts.

With Swft Connect, you can direct LinkedIn visitors to a customised profile, offering comprehensive details in one place.

It’s not a LinkedIn replacement but a powerful companion, allowing versatile sharing and centralized content management.

  • Centralise sales and marketing materials, contact info, website links, and more, simplifying access for prospects and partners, enhancing trust and credibility.
  • Boost sales efforts with built in call to actions, lead generation tools and CRM integrations.
  • Unified branding for employees across all communication channels such as in person, LinkedIn and email.
  • Dashboard access for admins to centrally manage all employee profiles effortlessly.

We collect limited data from our users, primarily focused on the information you choose to provide when creating your digital profile.

We are fully committed to complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines, ensuring that your personal data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with the law. To learn more about our GDPR compliance – visit our GDPR page here.

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