Buro Happold’s Digital Transformation in Networking

About Buro Happold

Industry: Engineering and Consultancy
Founded: 1976
Headquarters: Bath, UK
Employees: 2,000+

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced visibility and control over professional interactions
  • Improved sustainability and reduced environmental impact
  • Streamlined networking processes at industry events
  • Strengthened brand consistency with digital profiles
  • Powerful analytics and user management

Challenge: Modernising Networking and Leveraging Analytics

Context: Buro Happold needed to modernise its networking approach to align with its innovative engineering solutions. Traditional business cards were inefficient, difficult to track, and didn’t provide the analytics needed to make informed business decisions.

Specific Challenges:

  1. Inefficient Networking Tools: Traditional business cards did not provide insight into professional interactions.
  2. Lack of Analytics: Managers needed a system to track employee performance and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Consistent Branding: Ensuring a unified brand image across all interactions.
  4. Easy Meeting Scheduling: Simplifying the process of booking meetings with prospects.

Swft Connect Features that Addressed These Challenges

Analytics and Performance Tracking:

  • Company Analytics: Swft Connect provided managers with powerful analytics to track how employees are performing at events and meetings. This data allowed for informed decision-making and strategic adjustments based on real-time insights.

Brand Management:

  • Single Dashboard Management: The platform enabled Buro Happold to manage their brand from a single dashboard, ensuring consistent and professional profiles across all employees. User permissions ensured that only authorised personnel could alter important branding elements.

Efficient Networking Tools:

  • Tap-and-Connect Function: The digital business cards allowed for instant information exchange and secure contact management. This feature ensured that all connections were captured accurately and stored for easy follow-up.
  • Rich Media Profiles: Employees could showcase videos, brochures, and other marketing materials directly on their profiles, providing potential clients with comprehensive information and enhancing trust.

The Impact on Buro Happold’s Business

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:
Transitioning to digital business cards significantly reduced paper waste, aligning with Buro Happold’s sustainability goals.

Improved Decision-Making:
The availability of detailed analytics empowered managers to make data-driven decisions, improving overall business strategies and employee performance.

Enhanced Networking Efficiency:
The digital solution enabled efficient contact management and seamless follow-ups, enhancing networking efforts at industry events.

Business Growth:
By integrating marketing materials into digital profiles and facilitating easy meeting scheduling, Buro Happold improved client interactions and established stronger professional relationships, driving business growth.


“We have adopted Swft Connect digital business cards to the business for over a year now. Aside from the tap-and-connect feature, the dashboard to track who you and the team meet at a conference to assist in updating our CRM database is fantastic, instructive, and quick!”


Buro Happold’s collaboration with Swft Connect has revolutionised their networking and professional interaction strategies. The digital business card solution has enhanced contact management, supported sustainability goals, and strengthened brand consistency. The addition of powerful analytics and user management features has enabled informed decision-making and improved business efficiency. This case demonstrates the value of Swft Connect for large organisations seeking to modernise their networking approach and achieve sustainable, efficient business practices.

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