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Deloitte has recently implemented Swft Connect’s digital business card solutions as a way to network during events and conferences. Deloitte began the process by rolling out the technology in the UK which was a success. As a result, Swft Connect are collaborating further by implementing digital networking across Deloitte’s other departments.


The challenge presented to Swft Connect was a common deficiency for individuals to network, with a trajectory to streamline and standardise this across the firm, whilst being environmentally conscious. With a worldwide economic crisis in mind, Swft Connect was able to tackle a practical & sustainable yet cost-saving method.


Deloitte decided to implement Swft Connect, a leading networking platform that allows users to share digital profiles efficiently through Apple/Google Wallets and via a wide range of contactless products. Users can customise their profile with company branding and include information such as contact details, social media links and more, making the process of information sharing with others seamless.


Deloitte’s digital transformation team in the UK successfully implemented Swft Connect as their primary method of networking during internal and external events. Users were able to exchange contact information with others with minimal effort, whilst eliminating printing costs associated with paper business cards and reducing the impact on the environment by utilising a zero-waste solution.

Deloitte plans to continue to roll out Swft Connect to more departments, as the platform has proven to be an effective tool for improving communication and collaboration within the company.

“Everyone in the team loves their Swft Cards! It’s a real conversation starter during internal and external events. We couldn’t be more pleased with the initial roll out.”

Nisha Kapur, Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Swft Connect being presented at one of Deloitte’s internal events.

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