Sweetening Sustainability: M Desserts Modernises Networking with Swft Connect

About Mademoiselle Desserts

Industry: Food Manufacturing
Founded: 1984
Headquarters: France
Employees: 1,500+

Key Outcomes

  • Seamless integration across email, LinkedIn, and in-person interactions
  • Enhanced sustainability efforts
  • Streamlined, multinational profile management
  • Consistent and responsive branding
  • Exceptional support and easy onboarding

Challenge: Integrating Networking Across Multiple Channels

Context: As a growing B Corp, Mademoiselle Desserts needed a sustainable alternative to traditional business cards that could integrate seamlessly across various communication channels, from email signatures to LinkedIn and in-person meetings. They also required a solution that could be easily managed across multiple countries and supported consistent branding.

Specific Challenges:

  1. Sustainable Networking: Reducing the environmental impact of traditional business cards.
  2. Cross-Channel Integration: Ensuring seamless use across email, LinkedIn, and in-person interactions.
  3. Consistent Branding: Maintaining a unified brand image.
  4. Multinational Management: Managing profiles across different countries efficiently.
  5. Easy Onboarding: Ensuring a smooth and supportive onboarding process.

Swft Connect Features that Addressed These Challenges

Cross-Channel Integration:

  • Email Signatures: Swft Connect’s digital profiles were integrated into email signatures, ensuring that every email sent carried a professional and consistent digital business card.
  • LinkedIn Integration: Employees could easily share their Swft Connect profiles on LinkedIn, enhancing their professional presence and making it easy for clients and contacts to access their information.
  • Apple Wallet Passes: For in-person meetings, employees used Apple Wallet passes, providing a quick and seamless way to share their digital business cards.

Sustainability and Consistency:

  • Digital Business Cards: The switch to digital cards significantly reduced paper waste, aligning with Mademoiselle Desserts’ sustainability goals.
  • Responsive Profiles: Swft Connect ensured that digital profiles were responsive and looked perfect across all devices, whether viewed on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. This consistency reinforced the company’s professional image across all channels.

Multinational Management:

  • Centralised Profile Management: The platform allowed Mademoiselle Desserts to manage employee profiles centrally. This ensured that branding was consistent and any customisations could be made efficiently, even across multiple countries.

Easy Onboarding and Support:

  • Seamless Onboarding Process: Employees onboarded in groups using unique links, allowing them to set up their profiles in seconds. Templates were pre-assigned, and employees could start sharing their digital business cards within minutes.
  • Exceptional Support: Swft Connect provided continuous support throughout the onboarding process, ensuring that all employees, regardless of location, could quickly adapt to the new system.

Broader Impact on Business Growth and Efficiency

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:
Transitioning to digital business cards significantly reduced the environmental impact, supporting Mademoiselle Desserts’ commitment to sustainability.

Enhanced Networking and Professional Presence:
By integrating Swft Connect profiles across email, LinkedIn, and in-person interactions, the company ensured that every communication was professional and consistent, enhancing their brand presence and making it easier for clients to connect.

Efficient Multinational Management:
The ability to manage profiles centrally and maintain consistency across different countries streamlined operations and reinforced the company’s brand integrity.


“Swft from day one have been open, transparent and keen to guide us down a path that worked best for us. It feels more like a collaboration at this stage, and I’m excited to see how we can grow with Swft to make the most of their services.”


Mademoiselle Desserts’ partnership with Swft Connect has revolutionised their networking and communication strategies. The seamless integration of digital profiles across email, LinkedIn, and in-person interactions has enhanced their professional presence and supported sustainability goals. The responsive profiles and centralised management have ensured consistent branding, while the smooth onboarding process and exceptional support have empowered employees across all locations. This case highlights how Swft Connect can drive efficiency, sustainability, and professional growth for multinational organisations.

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