Simpson Strong-Tie’s Digital Business Card Success

About Simpson Strong-Tie

Industry: Construction
Founded: 1956
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA
Employees: 3,000+

Key Outcomes

  • Improved contact management
  • Enhanced marketing capabilities
  • Flexible networking tools
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Boosted business growth and efficiency

Challenge: Effective Contact Management and Building Credibility

Context: Simpson Strong-Tie needed a modern, efficient way to manage contacts made at trade shows and business meetings. Traditional business cards were often misplaced, leading to missed opportunities. Additionally, they wanted to showcase their marketing materials effectively to build trust with potential clients.

Specific Challenges:

  1. Contact Management: Traditional cards were ineffective in managing and tracking interactions.
  2. Marketing and Credibility: Inability to showcase detailed marketing materials and build trust.

Swft Connect Features that Addressed These Challenges

Contact Management Solution:

  • Tap-and-Connect Function: Swft Connect’s digital cards allowed for instant exchange and download of contact information. This ensured that all connections were securely stored and easily accessible for follow-ups.
  • Contact Download Capability: Employees could quickly download contacts to their devices, streamlining the follow-up process and ensuring no potential lead was lost.

Marketing and Credibility Solution:

  • Rich Media Profiles: Swft Connect enabled Simpson Strong-Tie to showcase videos, brochures, and other marketing materials on each employee’s digital profile. This provided potential clients with immediate access to comprehensive information, enhancing credibility and trust from the first interaction.

Hybrid Networking Tools:

  • Swft Metal Cards and Apple Wallet Integration: The hybrid use of physical Swft Metal Cards for in-person meetings and digital Apple Wallet passes provided flexibility. This allowed the company to engage effectively in various networking scenarios, catering to different preferences and contexts.

Broader Impact on Business Growth and Efficiency

Sustainability and Cost Reduction:
By switching to Swft Connect’s digital business cards, Simpson Strong-Tie significantly reduced the costs associated with printing traditional business cards. This move also supported their sustainability goals, reducing their environmental footprint.

Efficiency in Networking:
The seamless integration of Swft Connect’s features improved the efficiency of networking efforts. Employees could manage contacts better, follow up promptly, and present a consistent, professional brand image.

Business Growth:
The ability to showcase detailed marketing materials directly on digital profiles helped build credibility and trust with potential clients, leading to increased business opportunities and growth.


“Switching to Swft business cards has revolutionised Simpson UK’s approach to trade shows & business meetings. The cards allow us to have a quick exchange of information, most importantly capturing everything we need to turn a lead into a sale! We look forward to continuing to integrate Swft into our daily operations; ultimately using the cards and service to aid business growth.”


Simpson Strong-Tie’s collaboration with Swft Connect has transformed their networking strategy. The digital business card solution has streamlined contact management, enhanced marketing efforts, and supported sustainability goals. The hybrid use of Swft Metal Cards and Apple Wallet passes has provided the flexibility needed to effectively engage in various networking scenarios. This powerful combination of features has driven business growth and efficiency, demonstrating the value of Swft Connect for large organisations.

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