Setup Guide

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Launch Swft Profile by tapping or scanning the QR code on your Swft product.

To tap, follow the steps below based on your device.

You can also scan the QR code on the back of Swft products (excluding Swft Stickers) to launch Swft Profile.

Tap to iPhone

1. Confirm the iPhone is compatible.

iPhone 7/8/X – use iOS 14 NFC widget in control center.

iPhone XR/XS/SE/11/12 – no additional settings required.

2. Unlock phone and tap Swft against the top of the device.

You cannot tap if:

  • camera is open
  • torch is on
  • screen is off
  • airplane mode is enabled

Tap to Android

1. Check the phone is compatible. See list here.

If a particular phone is not listed, it may still be compatible. To check, go to Settings and look for NFC. If NFC is not available, then unfortunately the phone is not compatible.

2. Turn on NFC

The majority of Android powered devices are compatible with Swft, but require NFC to be enabled. To check this, go to:

Settings > Connections > NFC

Steps may vary based on the specific phone.

3. Unlock phone and tap Swft product to the back of the phone in the middle.

Exact location may vary based on device.

When Swft Profile is launched for the first time, you will be asked to create a new profile or link an existing account.

If you already have a Swft Profile, select ‘Link an existing Swft Profile’. If not, follow the steps below.

Select ‘Create a new Swft Profile’.

Enter your details and select ‘Create Profile’.

Your username will be used as your profile link e.g. The profile link is perfect to add to your social media bio!

Select the ‘Edit Profile’ button to access the settings page.

Customise Swft Profile to make it your own. You can:

  • Add a profile photo
  • Change name
  • Add bio
  • Add contact details
  • Enable/disable public profile
  • Change background colour
  • Change theme (dark/light mode)

Social links (Instagram, Facebook etc) can be added by selecting ‘Add Link’ button. A list will be displayed. Select the relevant link and follow the steps on screen.

Custom website links can also be added by selecting ‘Add Link’ and entering the URL.


And that’s it! Your Swft has been activated to launch your Swft Profile when someone taps or scans.

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Any questions?